Thursday, December 6, 2018

C Diff / Caroline's Story

Caroline has had an especially hard time bouncing back from Round 2 of Immunotherapy.  In addition to recovering from the numerous side effects, she ended up getting C Diff (again, or maybe it never went away?).  She spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the clinic for labs/panel tests, an x-ray, and lots and lots of fluids.  The C Diff medicine seems to be kicking in, and she has been acting a little more like herself.

If you would like to hear Caroline's diagnosis story and treatment journey (so far), tune into 107.5 The River (also available on I Heart Radio if you're not local) tomorrow at 11am CST.  We will be live on the radio to tell her story, hopefully creating awareness and raising money for the place that is trying to save our daughter's life.  We love Vanderbilt so much, and are honored they asked us to participate.  You can listen online by clicking here; we hope you tune in!

Thank you for your continued prayers through this extra-difficult few weeks.

The Lantz Family


  1. Prayers for healing and comfort tonite.

  2. Praying for healing sweet Caroline. Love to you all.

  3. Hi, I once had C-diff and thought I was doomed after nothing seemed to work. Until a gastroenterologist recommended I take a probiotioc that contains the ingredient Saccharomyces boulardii. It changed everything for me and I finally recovered. Now I ALWAYS start taking it before medication as a precaution. Whole Foods sells one that has that ingredient. Basically it's replacing the specific gut bacteria needed to rebound when medicines kill that particular good bacteria in the gut. Hope that helps and praying for your precious girl.

  4. I have been praying for her and the rest of the family with her not feeling well and I will be praying for you this week. :)