Friday, February 9, 2018


Caroline was discharged late night on Wednesday, and has been home resting for the last 2 days; it always feels great to come home from the hospital.  Her biggest complaint post-chemo is "feeling yucky and nauseous," so she does a lot of laying around with her trusty companion, Hank the Tank.  To pass the time, she's been working on Valentine's Day Cards and painting.  Knowing the forecast for the weekend, we took advantage of the nice weather and brought Caroline to the neighborhood park to swing for a few minutes.

Vanderbilt Home Health came to give her Neulasta shot today, so her counts should be on the upswing within a week.  Our next scheduled clinic visit is 2/16, then a progress CT Scan on 2/19.

Andrew is still a little sick, and still quarantined far away from Caroline...poor guy is lonely!

TGIF!  We hope that everyone is staying healthy, warm and happy this weekend!

The Lantz Family


  1. Your smiles say it all!! So thankful for the wonderful progress. Our love to you all!

  2. Glad to read this update. We’re thinking and praying for you often. Much love!!!

  3. I had to drop off some mail to a neighbor today that was accidentally placed in our box and we saw Mark and Caroline playing! So good to see that pretty girl in the sunshine! - Neighbor Nicole McCoy xo